Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity

Event Comms can give your event communications clarity. We're here to help and advise you of the best way to use radio and other communications equipment to support your event, reducing the chance of confusion. Event Comms has been established by two local active event volunteers. With our backgrounds organising large high profile local events we understand what events need, the challenges of Calderdale's topography and have the solution to make communications work for you.

What Do We Offer

We've sourced high quality radios at brilliant prices, meaning we can provide effective communication equipment at prices charities and businesses a like will enjoy. We also come with over 30 combined years of event operations / organising experience.


Do you have a requirement for radios? UHF / VHF / Mobile Network, Handheld or Vehicle Set, Analogue or digital. Get in touch and talk to us about the best solutions most suited to your event.


Do you have questions around communications at your event? Do you want to improve communications but are not sure of the best way? Get in contact and let us show you how communications such as radios, temporary control room phone-lines and more can help you.


Offering help and advice in planning and running the communication side of your event to help your event be managed successfully as it grows.


These are just some of the products and services we are able to offer to events. We will happily prepare a quote based on your specific requirements.
Control Room Phones
  • From £10
  • Charity Event Weekend Rate
  • Local, national or freephone numbers routed to one or more temporary control room phone or mobile.

    Ensure public and participants are able to get in touch if they need too.
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UHF Hand Held
  • From £5
  • Charity Event weekend rate
  • Battery, Belt Clip, Charger

    Fully License and programmed

    Analogue or Digital

    We also have earpieces for all our
    handhelds at £1 each
  • Enquire
Base Set
  • From £10
  • Charity Event weekend rate
  • Mag mount or antenna and mast

    Power cables and power supply for mains or vehicle

    A base set gives a greater range and is more suited to being in a vehicle or a fixed location.
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Event Comms is here to help you

Event Comms has been formed to support events in Calderdale and the surrounding area that may not have ventured into using radio communications at their event or want to enhance the way this technology is used to better suit their needs. With experience in the events industry we prefer to work with the event organizers to advise on the best use and help build their knowledge as well as having equipment available to hire.

Our Customers

We're proud to support these local causes

Halifax Charity Gala

Event Comms provide radios to cover Manor Heath and the whole of the procession route and emergency phone lines to the control room.


Overgate Mountain Bike Challenge

Covering a 25km route with handheld radios, and Calderdale's Hills is certainly a challenge. One Event Comms faces every year. Using a range of different radios suited to their specific locations we cover all the key areas


Halifax Halloween Event

Radios for the army of volunteer marshals, full control room with phone lines, internet, computerise log and base set and two event radio controllers.


MBi Shay Stadium

Short notice handheld radio hire when more stands are needed than anticipated

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